Are you able to offer a financial gift?  Explore our donation options through:

We are listed with Benevity and Pledge too, so check with your employer to see if they have a corporate giving program.

We love in-kind support! This year, we have several guest artists coming to Arizona for projects and the COVID pandemic is ongoing. If you’re able to help by donating in one of these ways, please let us know:

  • Housing for guest artists
  • Car usage for guest artists
  • Airline miles
  • COVID supplies (masks, tests)
  • Space to host pop-up events

We’re looking for season & event sponsors. We’re happy to work with you on timing/perks/rates. Spread the word to any organizations and/or individuals who might be interested in getting involved.

We could not do what we do with you.

PILLARS ($500+)
Daniela Crispo & Jeff Hrycko, Intel, Fred & Diane McEldowney Prism Advisors Charitable Fund, Jolie Schwartz, Leon Tan

TRUSSES ($100-$499)
Jennifer Cafarella Betts. Robert Blanchard, David Dickinson, Andrew Flynn, Jim & Rosalie Foley, Jaime Fox, Fred Gerle, Stephen Hardy & Addison Crawford, John Gibbons, Crystal Houston, Sally & Gordon Jesse, Craig McEldowney, Travis Ploeger, Lyrna Schoon, Michelle Taylor, Carolyn Marie Wright

BOLTS (up to $100)
Monica Bauer, Diana Benaroya, Amie Bjorklund, Stephanie Bond, Shannara Cadena, Lisa Calhoun de Ritis, Ginger Chulack, Alice Daer, James & Julia Dillaman, John & Jan Dillaman, Karen Dillaman, Cat Dragon, Brenda & Brian Foley, Lindsey Gardner-Penner, Julia Gibson, Rob Greenspan, Jennifer Herron-Ulmer, Justin Hosten, Nadine Jackson, Marina Blue Jarrette, Mona Swan LeSueur, Maren Maclean Mascarelli, Katie McFadzen, Megaw Theatre, Tracy Liz Miller & Kent Burnham, Amy Monahan, Heather Morris-Livengood, Conchita Newman, Jean Nieman, Ryan Petersen, Nickela Rooney, Brian Runbeck, Joya Scott, Patti Suarez, Annette Sugden, Christi Sweeney, Phil Sweeney, Carol Webb, Maria Amarocho Weisbrod, Dineta Williams-Trigg