2016 Writing Award List of Semi-Finalists

1. Portrait of the Widow Kinski by Sarah Jean Accuardi

2. Embers of Tent City by Tita Anntares

3. Out of Time by Rachel Atkins

4. Don’t Kill the Angels by Claudia Barnett

5. Two Men Walk into a Bar by Monica Bauer

6. Honor Killing by Sarah Bierstock

7. The Captives by Barbara Blumenthal-Erlich

8. Welcome Home, Roberta DuCant by Larissa Brewington

9. When Colossus Falls by Eugenie Carabatsos

10. Last Nights of Sheherezade by Paula Cizmar

11. Tribe by Judith Collins

12. Sunset Artists of the American West by Shualee Cook

13. Los Samaritanos by Sandra Daley

14. Terra Incognita by Lauren Ferebee

15. Gertrude by Susan Ferrara 16. W.A.S.P. by Zanne Hall

17. Annie Jumpand the Library of Heaven by Reina Hardy

18. Pacific Northwest Play by RN Healey

19. Second Skin by Kristin Idaszak

20. White Pearl by Anchuli King

21. Porch Play by Kate Kremer

22. September and Her Sisters by Jennifer Lane

23. Nothing but the Truth by Eve Lederman

24. Skeletons by Amy da Luz

25. Abortion Road Trip by Rachel Lynnett

26. The Flora and the Fauna by Alyson Mead

27. Pope Joan II by Pat Montley

28. City of Ladies by Amanda Prahl

29. Modern Slave by Elaine Romero

30. Circular by Laura Shamas

31. Sex and Other Disturbances by Marisa Smith

32. We, the Invisibles by Susan Stanton

33. Reflections in a D’Backs Eye by Deanne Stillman

34. Falling Slanted, Sad & Crazy by Chelsea Sutton

35. What Actually Happened Was by Stephanie Swirsky

36. Naming True by Natalie Symons

37. The Women of 4G by Amy Tofte

38. 72 Objects by Lolly Ward

39. Death Wings by Bess Welden

40. Horse Thief by Christine Whitley