Her Voice – November 2018

Her Voice 2018-19 continues with a FREE professional reading of


by Gina Femia


Sunday, November 25th at 4PM at ASU Kerr


DIRECTOR: Lindsey Marlin

CAST: Alaina Beauloye, Elizabeth Brownlee Blair

Musician/Singer: Cassie Chilton


SYNOPSIS:  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Pam comes home to Brooklyn to attend her fathers funeral. When she arrives, she is greeted by an angry sister, a dilapidated house and a past that she cant escape. Despite all of her best intentions, the conversation quickly turns tense and the two sisters are forced to deal with all that they have let slip away, all the words that have been left unsaid for years. A two-person, one set, real time play, The Violet Sisters is a play about forgiving when you cannot bring yourself to forget.

Talkback will follow reading.

PLEASE RSVP: We will be offering concessions this season and a head count really helps us with our preparation. 

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The Bridge Initiative:  Women in Theatre is thrilled to host Her Voice, a monthly play reading and music series running September 2018 to April 2019, as a co-presentation with the ASU Kerr in Scottsdale. Capitalizing on ASU Kerr’s professional sound, lighting and technical talent, we feature new works presented by local professional musicians, directors and actors.

Lindsey Marlin
Alaina Beauloye
Elizabeth Brownlee Blair

                                                                               Cassie Chilton