Directors’ Message: Reflection on the Bechdel Test Fest

The Bridge Initiative celebrates the wonderful completion of our inaugural Bechdel Test Fest. Huge thank you to all of our supporters, our audience, our artists, our technicians, and our funders at the City of Tempe and Arizona Commission on the Arts. We paid stipends to more than 50 individuals, served more than 300 attendees, premiered work from seven playwrights, featured six short films, and sparked conversations that are ongoing.
As with any new endeavor, we also met challenges. We are proud to have broached difficult and important subjects, which is crucial to our mission and the world we live in. We have learned from our mistakes as well as our successes and look forward to implementing lessons from these experiences in our future work. If you have any reflections you would like to share and have not yet done so, we welcome your thoughts. Please contact Brenda & Tracy at