Asterion by Liz Duffy Adams

We were SO thrilled to announce this FIRST reading of a brand new play! The Bridge Initiative teamed up with Southwest Shakespeare, who is presenting Liz Duffy Adams’ Or, September 2-17. Playwright Liz Duffy Adams was in residence for the weekend, working on the text of Asterion, as well as attending events with SSC.

Synopsis: Asterion, the half-bull Minotaur of Greek legend, is trapped in the labyrinth his sister Ariadne designed, alone except for the ghosts of the young sacrifices he has devoured. Now Ariadne and her borrowed hero, Theseus, are coming to kill him – unless he kills them instead.

This event took place in the Southwest Shakespeare Company’s Studio, 55 E. Main Street, Mesa 85201 on Monday, September 5th, 7pm

Cast & Crew

DIRECTOR: William Partlan
STAGE MANAGER: Rebekah Weagraff
CAST: Brian Foley, Melody Knudson, Cisco Saavedra
with Natalie Andrews, Osama Awadalla, Sam Brandano, Evan Carson, Jaime Fox, Jamie Hendricks, Diana Hernandez, Lauren McKay, Adam Mendez, Anthony Moschetti, Hayla Stewart, Abel Zerai