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Twice-monthly meetups centering
creativity & community conversation


Sunday March 13 @ 5pm
(doors & bar open at 4:30pm)


Let’s celebrate the phenomenal talent in our region! Details to come but… If you have 3-ish minutes to share, superstar pianist ALICIA FERRIN will ready to sightread and accompany you on that glorious Steinway, and the mic will be hot and ready for your best spoken verse or monologue or standup… An hour of fun!!


SUNDAY, March 17 @ 5pm

Next BC! *

Thursday March 17 @ 7pm
(doors & bar open at 6:30pm)


With Special Guest BRIDGE CORE artist SETH TUCKER

Music Direction by ALICIA FERRIN
Hosted by BRIDGE CORE artists

This March we center our conversation on the ways musical theater uses humor, poetry and storytelling to help us process grief and sadness. How do writers and composers bring us new, often humorous, perspectives on these universal themes? How, in a time when we have all been touched by loss, does one perform these works in a way that honors their personal experience without consuming them? How often do actors have the experience of being truly sad while singing something emotional and what does that do to their body? How can dark subject matter elicit some of our biggest laughs?

THURSDAY, March 17 @ 7pm

The Bridge Initiative is dedicated to making sure our events and programming are accessible to everyone.  To that end, Building Bridges @ ASU Kerr tickets are Pay-What-You-Wish. We invite audience members to choose from one of the suggested price levels, keeping in mind that the higher the ticket price you select, the more bridges we can build. 

COVID PROTOCOLS will be strictly observed at all events.
Regardless of vaccination status, all patrons must wear a mask while in the building.
ASU Kerr has masks, hand sanitizer, and new HEPA air filtration.
The Bridge Initiative is proud to be a fully-vaccinated company.
For ASU Kerr’s complete list of COVID safety measures, please visit this page.

NOTE: Because ASU Kerr has a longer history than the local pavement, using the street address in an online map may or may not put you on the right path. Please use the map in the link below to drive the last few yards to the venue!

Building Bridges @ ASU Kerr is produced by The Bridge Initiative in collaboration with ASU Kerr and is supported in part by a grant from Scottsdale Arts.

*Artists subject to change, although they never have in the history of this program. Okay, maybe this program hasn’t launched yet so there is nothing on which to base that. But the good news is…we aren’t liars. However, we do live in COVID times and, unannounced, we all have to deal with spontaneous emotional, logistical, physical, metaphorical, and sometimes literal shitshows. If at anytime we do have to switch featured artists, speakers, and experts, we promise to switch them out with someone else equally amazing. Now take a deep breath