Reading: Shades of Gray by Larissa Brewington

The Bridge Initiative is partnering with Phoenix Theatre to present a sitdown reading of Phoenix playwright Larissa Brewington’s new full-length SHADES OF GRAY as part of the 2018 Phoenix Theatre Festival of New American Theatre.

Director: Elizabeth Brownlee Blair
Cast: Dineta Williams-Trigg, Sasha Wordlaw, Thommi A’mal and Natalie Andrews


Saturday, March 17th, at 11:30 AM
Synopsis: In this funny, poignant family drama, three sisters attempt to reconnect years after the death of their parents, hoping the darkness of their childhood isn’t the only thing that binds them.
Special thanks are due to Robert Kolby Harper for saying ‘yes’ to this partnership and acknowledging the importance of ensuring this script by a local female playwright had a place at the festival.
If you’re a lover of Facebook here’s our Event.  See you at the theatre and consider sticking around for the other excellent events happening this weekend at the at the Festival.